Brenda W. Clough

Brenda W. Clough

Science Fiction and Fantasy Author

FAQ: The Adventures of Marian Halcombe

This book and its sequels are straight Victorian melodrama, no heeltaps. I wedged in every trick in the genre plus a good many stunts of my own: unwed mothers, bigamy, murder, anarchists. Secret cities in the jungle, complete with treasure and death traps. Abusive boarding schools, pirates, railway disasters, blackmail, secret residents in attics. Mysterious tokens, mad scientists, arms smugglers running the blockade into Charleston.

The Camlet Family Tree as of 1890

Victorian families tended to be large and the Camlets were no exception. Along about THE SINGLE MUSKETEER I created this family tree. The ramifications were getting too convolute for the reader to keep in mind, especially when Ched's relatives were so rambunctious. It appears in that volume, and I also put it here.

The Camlet Family Tree as of 1890 .

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